Breaking Through the Barriers To B2B Payment Solutions

Virtual Cards - When You Don't Use Them, You Miss a New Revenue Stream! [Free eBook Download]

Virtual Cards in the Business World: Virtual cards have been available for seven years, but there is still a large percentage of corporations and mid-sized companies that have not incorporated the use of V-Cards into their A/P payment automation process. Companies that are holding back from using Virtual Cards may not understand the potential benefits.



Is Converting to ePayments Worth the Investment? [Download Your Free ROI Calculator Tool to Find Out Now]

1.Reduced Cost of printing checks - Checks cost on average $3.50 per unit. Reducing the number of printed checks reduces your overall cost. 2.Efficiency Gain - There is the cost of man-hours / time associated to the manual process of printing checks, sorting, hand signing high dollar checks, stuffing, and mailing.



Video Blog: How Payments Impact Your Business and Relationships

The efficiency of your A/P processes can play a part in strengthening supplier relationships. Find out the impact of payments on your B2B relationships.



Payment Automation Support Survey Results

Payments are mission critical. We believe that and that's why enabling payments is all we do. That said, you can understand why we are profoundly proud of our latest accomplishment. We can report that we have a 100% satisfaction rating from our customers who have opened a technical support case.* Over the past several months we have been surveying our customers upon closing technical support cases.

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